This breed will be my first choise always. This gentle giant with an amazing character has stolen my heart. His main characteristics are calm, loyal, affectionate family dog, loves kids, doesn’t bark a lot, is not agresive and he is one of the best family breeds. He is a big and strong dog, whoes hair needs regular grooming.

Our first newfoundland was a girl Leyla, who was always happy and she would do anything for ous and for food. At age 9 she has suddenly left us and she will stay in our hearts forever. Because we could not imagine a home without a newfoundland, we found kennel Daisybear the next day and they had first litter of brown newfoundlands in Slovenia. One girl was available and so one day after we lost Leyla, Agata has come to our life. Next year we started to think about a newfoundland male, who would be the most suitable for Agata, because there were no brown or recessive brown dogs close to us. In august 2012 Lukas was born in 1200 km distant Belgium. I have fallen in love with him and we went for him late october. He is all I wanted I a male. 🙂

Because Lukas is so great, we decided that one girl is just not enough for him. Our Black Princess has fallen in love with him the first day and he also.

Now we have at home a true family, who are our joy and they make our every day special. There is nothing better than to come home and everybody are waiting for you and are looking at you like you were everything on the world for them. There is a saying that newfoundlands are like french fries. You can just have only one… 🙂