Khyro´s soul Lukas

When I was looking for a male for breeding, I wanted to find a dog with good pedigree with lots of nice and healthy ancestors. And for a breeder who will socialize the puppy as much as she can. I found kennel Khyro’s soul in Belgium and Lukas was one of the 8 babies born in her first litter. His face and strong bones has insipire me. He has grown into a big and strong boy, with lovely brown eyes and the look to die for. He is everything I wished for. He is succesfull at shows. He is JchSlo, ChSlo and ChCro!

He is a male with magnificent character. He is the kindest, the sweetest boy I have ever seen. Judges just love his temperament. He is very adaptable and he can sleep with Aga all day or run with Bonny up and down. He doesn’t like loneliness and loves her girls. 

He is available for mating!

 14.1.2015 father of 6 puppies

11.10.2016 father of 5 puppies

13.1.2017 father of 5 puppies

12.4.2018 father of 8 puppies

Health tests:


ED 0

Cystinuria free


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JchSlo, ChSlo, ChHr


lukas pedigreelukas pedigree....