Black Princess Canadian Pearl

Black Princess, aka Bonny, comes from Poland and she is black recesive brown girl. Her pedigree is very nice and in it, we can find come magnificent dogs. Her father iz Enzo Askado, who is gorgeous black dog. Her grandfather is one of the most beautiful dogs, King of Helluland Just one look. After her mothers side is her grandfather Velvet Bernstein Bär von der Ortenau, who is one of the best brown newfoundlands. 

Bonny is a strong and big girl, with 70 cm heigh. She is full of energy and she loves to play. She is very loving girl, who has inspire us with her look and character.

13.1.2017 she became mother of 5 boys. Father was our boy Lukas.

Health tests:


ED 0



Pedigree Black princess

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